Keys purchased by mistake are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. If you are not sure about the region of game key activation please check with us first or get 1 code for test.

Q: Does your store sell legit keys?
A: We sell only legit keys. Most keys we buy are from official publishers; other keys come from other official distributors from all over the world. If by any chance we do accidently give you fraud keys (if obtained from bad suppliers), we will give you 115% money back. This means for every dollar you spent you will get back $1.15!

Q: How can I pay you and what are your payment methods?
A: Please look on the How to Pay page to see all acceptable payment methods and instructions

Q:  Do orders complete automatically or do I need to wait until my order has been processed by an administrator?
A:  All orders in the store process automatically. For more info look on the How to Pay page

Q: Are all the keys in your store in-stock, or will I have to wait to get them?
A: If nothing is mentioned in game Title or Description, then the game is in stock and will be delivered automatically after order is processed.

Q: How I will get my keys?
A: You will get a download link send to your email address for your order, also you can download it from Orders History page